Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Real Veal Question

                                        Photo Flickr-Hypnotic Aubergine

An e-mail came with a question:

I am making lasagna for Christmas (no meat) and I wanted to accompany it with veal. For 15 people, veal roast seems prohibitively expensive. I can get veal stew cubes and scallopine. I don't want to do veal parm - too redundant. Any suggestions? I was looking at Marcella Hazan's recipe for veal spedini - but it looks like my choices of veal are limited and the cuts will be too tough. 
If you can reply, I would be grateful.

My favorite veal recipes often seem to include artichokes, Joyce. 

I've found a recipe online which might work within your criteria.

The only note I would make is that if you can not get fresh baby artichokes frozen ones are preferable to canned. Actually if only canned are available I wouldn't bother to make it! :)

With the lasagne alongside, I would simply add a tossed salad of baby greens (or for something more elegant add orange segments and red onion slivers) for a wonderful, interesting, and very festive meal.

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