Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Raising a Mug to Santa

                                                                Photo Flickr-gak

The rush to the finish line of the holidays is almost over. The ham has been eaten, the roast beast devoured, the turkey pinched in all the right places and the vegetables admired and maybe chewed upon.

If the cook is tired it would be understandable.

In this case, the cook needs something warm, something soothing, something to sink into for comfort and sustenance to meet the dirty dish pile.

Normally I would advise Glogg. It is a Swedish hot fortified wine. But who needs to cook more, I ask you. 

Not this cook. So instead take a mug and fill it with two-buck-chuck. Add a pinch of Chinese five spice powder. Add two lumps of demerara sugar, or any equivalent sweet thing. Pop it into the microwave for under a minute, stir and take sustenance. Sitting down, not standing over the sink or inbetween picking up dirty dishes.

If you wish to struggle for some unknown reason, here is the authentic recipe with all the bells and whistles:

More work really does not make a person more moral, though. I'd rather be quick about it and get on with raising a mug to Santa than be zesting lemons and stirring a pot. 


Anonymous said...

And I raise a brimming glass to you, Sweetpea!!

I've missed you, and e-mailed you through the old site---hope you received it. Just wanted to say hello and that I've missed your wit and words. I went in to say happy holidays and saw that you haven't checked in since Sept. Hope all is well with you, and I'm so glad to find this blog!!!

Will be enjoying it with the coming snowfly of January---lots more of the kids and kidlets to visit in the next few days, so I'll be saving the savor and warmth of your thoughts and words for after, when it's time for quiet and enjoying the company of an old friend.



Karen Resta said...

Rachel, may the good fairies bring all wondrous things to you and yours in the new year.

I "resigned as a member" of the old site you mention so can not retrieve PM's. My regular e-mail is listed under the "about me" section here, though.

:) Raising an angel biscuit to your health,

Anonymous said...

All my wee geese have left the nest---I assuaged with a few tears, the turning off of some of the bright lights, a grilled-cheese-and-ham-sandwich, and several brimming glasses of iced tea. I'll wander the house, tripping over air, then finally collapse from the preparation and the actual---the corral of books which surrounded all the stuffed animals has been re-filed, the spilled "zoo-food" which was dispensed in two-ounce Dixies to each stable a bit of reminder on the flowered rug---I'll be reminded by raisins on my sock-bottoms for days, I suppose.

The winding-down is still to come, after all the wrapping and cooking, the greeting and play, the rustling apart of presents and stockings--the gathering of months disposed of in the paper-crinkles and smiles of a few minutes.

It's warming up a bit, with a very sunny day outside, and I'm going to squander it on a nap. Best to you and all yours---hope your season is and will be bright.