Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Painless Crispy Pita Toasts

                                                                   Photo Flickr-the15

It looks as if it would be great fun to make pita bread in the authentic manner. The fire, the steel, the aroma that must rise.

Today however I do not have the time to start a fire outside. So instead the grocery store shelf will provide my pita bread, and it is usually okay though usually also not great.

I like grocery-store pita better made into crisps then served with a dip - guacamole for example. Or with a soft creamy cheese.

Here's a recipe for pita crisps that are quick and delicious:

This tastes even better if before baking you whisk an egg with a bit of water to brush the tops of the pita then sprinkle on a generous mixture of seeds and herbs - sesame, poppy, flax, thyme, hot pepper, lemon zest or whatever takes your fancy.

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